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Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Photo Session info!

Slots are quickly filling for October 17th that will be held at Parks Brothers Greenhouses in Van Buren, AR! Currently all morning sessions are booked! At the moment I have a 1,3,4 & 5 o'clock slots open! Here are some pictures I took of my girls of some of the things available for the sessions!

Remember this is a session fee free event! I also have special pricing for the day! It is as follows:

Package #1 (pick 1)
8 wallets-
3 5x7
1 8x10
Sale price-$30.00

Package#2(pick 1)
16 wallets
5 5x7
2 8x10
Sale Price-$50.00

Package#3(pick 2)
4 5x7
2 8x10
Sale Price-$45.00

Package#4(pick 2)
16 wallets
6 5x7
4 8x10
Sale Price-$75.00

Package#5 (pick 3)
24 wallets
6 5x7
3 8x10
1 11x14

Sale Price-85.00

I will also have my al-a-cart pricing available for the day that is also a great value! If you have any questions or want to book a time please email me at tai@justfunphotography.com or call 479-459-5262


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