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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easter Bunny pickup/ Bunny Photo Party

I have located my bunnies and will be picking them up on Saturday! I wanted to get them early where I can hold them and they will be comfortable around me and children. They are Netherland dwarf bunnies! Super cute! I will take pictures and post them as soon as I can! I also have been placing fliers around the Fort Smith Arkansas Area about the live bunny shoots!

I also wanted to offer Bunny Photo Parties!! This is for a group of friends that all what to have a shoot with the bunnies! Price for a bunny party is $50.00. Can have a total of 7 children and the children do not have to be related. You will need to choose a place to have your party when I can set up! It can be at someones house or at a park! I will allot 3 hours for a bunny party! Price is for online viewing of proofs. If you have a question about a bunny party please call me @ 479-459-5262


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